AGL Launches A Monitoring Centre

From a room housing a LED TV wall, state-of-the-art virtual surveillance and access control system, a select group of security officers will be able to act as watchful eyes overseeing residential and commercial properties across Singapore and possibly beyond.

The brainchild of Singapore-based Advancer Global Limited (AGL), this virtual command centre is designed to take over many of the manual duties of security guards, thus reducing the number of guards who spend long hours stationed on-site, while improving situational awareness.

“With the shortage of manpower, rising salaries of security guards and increasing security threats around the world, this virtual command centre concept is the way forward for Singapore. This is a solution in line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative,” said Gary Chin, AGL’s CEO.

The 1,800 square feet centre is located at Tradehub21 building in Boon Lay. AGS Integration (AGSI) is an initiative by the group’s wholly-owned subsidiary Advancer Global Security (AGS). It is the outcome of an insider’s view of security management for the past 20 years. Supporting the centre is a team of specialists of IT solutions and system integration services related to the surveillance and security of residential and commercial properties.

AGSI’s comprehensive suite of integrated solutions encompasses the virtual command centre, visitor control systems, remote facility controls, vehicle management systems, and smart data analysis. Remote facility and visitor controls help the premises to manage gates, barriers, switches, alarms as well as allow visitors to access properties seamlessly through the use of E-key, video/mobile intercom system and QR code scanning.

One of its security surveillance solutions, known as the “virtual fencing system”, enables the detection of trespassers, whereupon an alert is sent to the security officer at the command centre who, through the on-site surveillance cameras and video analytics technology, can then determine if the intruders are of potential threat to the estate.

Mr Chin estimates that estate owners can look to reduce the number of security guards required to man a 24-hour shift from the usual six or seven guards by two headcounts, with AGSI’s provision of free upgraded security system. The savings for the estate owners can potentially add up to S$150,000 in 36 months.

Tapping on AGL’s experience and expertise in the security sector, AGSI is able to customise solutions and services for clients according to their existing security equipment level, and improve the effectiveness of their security surveillance systems.

In the face of a tight labour market and the push to use technology to drive productivity, Mr Chin believes there will be good take-up of the command centre’s services, thereby contributing to the group’s growth. Catalist-listed AGL’s main businesses are the provision of employment services and facilities management services.


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