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Central Command Centre

Central Command Centre

The complexity of today’s operation systems require that they operate in a single user interface to increase situational awareness and reduce response time. At AGSI, we have established a state-of-the-art Central Command Centre that hosts a fully integrated security system. This allows next-level visualisation, control and communication to create a smart security system.

Through video patrolling, security officers oversee real-time footages and are able to communicate with site guards. Additionally, video analytics help to spot any intrusions. The Command Centre is the backbone of our security solutions, as it hosts a full suite of other security features such as managing visitors and vehicles entering the premises.

Remote Facility Control

At the same time, the Central Command Centre is able to manage a premise of facility controls such as gates, barriers, switches and lighting. Thus, security officers are not needed to be physically at the area as facility features can be adjusted remotely. Visitors and vehicles entering the premises can communicate with our officers remotely to gain access.

Additionally, Smart Cameras integrated motion detecting capabilities are able to guard empty facilities. Any suspicious activity will be triggered, notifying the Command Centre instantly. The security officers at the Command Centre will then take the appropriate actions to deal with the situation.

Manpower and Technology Integration

Manpower and Technology Integration

As the security industry changes in accordance to the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) and Progressive Wage Model (PWM), traditional headcount-based security contracts will not be sustainable in the long run.

At AGSI, we provide a technologically advanced security system that can efficiently reduce manpower reliance without compromising security. With the integration of professional manpower and advanced technology, AGSI is optimistic that this is the move forward for a sustainable security service. At the same time, security measures are enhanced with improved monitoring capabilities.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

AGSI security solutions are backed with emergency preparedness in mind. We believe that the possibilities of major emergency occurrences cannot be ruled out. Hence, our team of professionals in the Emergency Response department are ready to tackle critical situations. The Emergency Response Team’s aim is to tackle complicated situations which may bear serious consequences. In the case of natural disasters such as fire, our officers at the Central Command Centre will inform the relevant authorities directly. Our teams are scattered across strategic locations in Singapore, reducing response time.