About Us

The first-mover for Smart Security Solutions

Being the first provider of smart systems in Singapore, AGSI is the market leader in providing a suite of advanced security systems for MCSTs and other buildings in Singapore.

We aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness by incorporating technology to automate tasks.

AGSI offers a fully-integrated security solution with capabilities such as smart surveillance monitoring, virtual fencing technology and smart visitor and vehicle access control.

  • The Nation's Initiative

    The Nation's Initiative

    AGSI aims to transform the industry by integrating security services and enhance security response with our technologies. Our automated visitor management, remote surveillance and analytics capabilities allow us to provide effective clustered security guarding, risk/threat predication and detection services.

  • How Do We Do It?

    How Do We Do It?

    Processing information through a centralised hub; smart security takes over the routine tasks of access control, surveillance and operational performance tracking. This allows the operational concept of managing by exception and reduces the need to assign an officer or cater manpower to fulfil these tasks.

  • Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    Information and findings gathered from our site visits will be evaluated and studied to produce the best proposal possible catered to your site’s needs with the use of technology and cost savings in mind. Reports and analysis will be gathered to provide you the best tailored solution for your premises.

Our Brand

AGSI is a subsidiary company of Advancer Global Limited, an established and holistic workforce solutions and services provider in Singapore. Advancer Global Limited is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (“SGX”), Catalist board. With a combined experience of 155 years, our management team are highly experienced with establishments in the employment and facility sectors. The security division in Advancer Global has expanded to over 30 years, claiming an all-around knowledge in the industry.