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AGSI Smart Home

A Smart Home is one where technology is being fully utilized. In this modern era, many of our home devices can be integrated with advanced technology to improve its productivity. Enable seamless control through your smartphone for all your Smart Home Devices. With this, we can allow a better day-to-day experience by simplifying simple duties using technology while we focus on more essential tasks. Start your Smart Home experience now with a wide range of products integrated in the same system. Our products are uniquely packaged under Smart Control, Intelligent Alert System and Home Security.

Smart Control

Smart Control

Smart Control devices are the core in the Smart Home system. Experience seamless controlling of all devices using your smartphone. Smart Control products such as the Scene Management Switch helps adjust other Smart Home devices. As these devices work in an integrated fashion complementing one another, Smart Control devices assists to configure them in one go. Other Smart Control products include Smart Light Sensors, Smart Curtain Controlling and Tellibot.

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Intelligent Alert System

The Intelligent Alert System range of devices include high sensitivity and accuracy products which efficiently detects potential disasters in your home. With sensors that can detect smoke, gas and water leakages, users will get a real time notification of when such occurrences happen. Other sensors are built to faciliate a healthy environment in your home, such as dust concentration, temperature and humidity sensors. Users can constantly check the real time status on their smartphones for a perfect living environment 24/7.

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Home Security

Home Security

The devices in Home Security System are sure to keep homes in a safe environment with effective surveillance methods. By integrating multiple devices with a two-way video intercom system, users can check who is at the door. Our motion-detect cameras installed in devices such as the Smart Security Door Lock identifies suspicious lingering at your doorstep. Allow access remotely through various methods for your visitors such as remote unlocking through smartphone or password integration.

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